About Us

An eternal love saga– Mangashaal is the outcome of the incessant love of sari for its country and of the country for its most ancient attire. While clothes have inspired our culture and tradition from the time of Indus Valley civilization, we at Mangashaal are inspired to be in this business of handwoven Sambalpuri traditional clothes for our love for India and Indianness.

Inspired by the liveliness of Western Orissa, Sambalpuri, each piece in Mangashaal’s collection is exclusively printed and personality-filled, Be it the Nature inspired colors or the incorporation of ecological elements into the designs, the depiction of intricacies of human relations or scenes from ancient epics, Mangashaal which means Sambalpuri t-shirt in Mangashaal pays homage to the cultural heritage of India by presenting the Sambalpuri traditional wear legacy which is the heart of our tradition.

We are here to walk beside you as you turn your mundane everyday into a special event – and we’re gonna make sure you’re dressed just right for this wonderful event, called traditional life of Sambalpuri handloom. We will be your loyal cheerleaders and ardent fans as you take your victory walk, every morning when you step out.